The physical welcome point of DICT

The ServiceDesk is a supplement to the telephone and e-mail accessible DICT help desk.

You or your colleague can go to the ServiceDesk for:

  • the collection of new devices and SIM cards (only UGent staff)
  • bringing in defective devices purchased within the framework contract (UGent staff and students)
  • the borrowing of audiovisual material. (UGent staff and students)
  • delivering multiple choice exams.

The collection and pick-up is also guaranteed after our opening hours via our package machine

For the following matters you must make an appointment beforehand:

  • advice on the purchase of IT material (only UGent staff)
  • how do I make an eQuote? (UGent staff only)
  • referral via the DICT Helpdesk when you are experiencing difficulties with your UGent device (UGent staff and students)
  • explanation about audiovisual material (UGent staff and students)

Make an appointment